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[woody] sendmail bug?

Hi all,

I have installed Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r0 (woody). I have updated it from
security and ftp.debian.org using apt-get.

I have found troubles installing sendmail 8.12.3-4

I execute sendmailconfig and follow its steps.
# sendmailconfig
# /etc/init.d/sendmail start
    ... sendmail has not been configured, not started.
    To configure sendmail, type sendmailconfig.
# sendmailconfig
    Configure ... with the existing /etc/mail/sendmail.conf? [Y] y
    /usr/sbin/sendmailconfig: /usr/sbin/update-conf: No such file or
    Correct /etc/mail/sendmail.conf before continuing.
# ls -l /etc/mail/
    Does not show any sendmail.conf file!.

Is there a sendmail bug on woody yet?.

Davi Leal

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