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RE: failure notice (about relays.osirusoft.com)

In my case all Asian email is spam, or at least 99.99% of it, Im more than
happy to block out large netblocks, indeed that is what I do via the access
file for sendmail.

It would be good to improve my system to be more selective using rbl's, but
an access list under sendmail seems to be the simplest given lack of docs to
do much more.

Simple answer is when asian ISP's stop allowing spammers or idiots on thier
netblocks then other ISP's can be more selective.



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On Tue, Aug 20, 2002 at 01:24:04AM +0200, Marcin Sochacki wrote:
> For me it's obvious that Jason is right about Osirusoft's list being
> too restrictive about Asian hosts. Craig, please try to read the
> message, which was repeated over and over by Jason: they block a huge
> HK netblock, not only open relays.

actually, it's jason lim who's claiming i'm only talking about open

i specifically stated "open relays and spam sources" several times.  it
suits his argument to ignore the spamhaus issue.

for whatever reason, the osirusoft maintainer regards that particular
ISP as a spam source and lists the entire netblock.  if i had to guess,
i'd say this is probably because they don't bother responding to or
taking any action about spam complaints.  it is SOP in the anti-spam
community to regard such behaviour (or non-behaviour as the case may be)
as evidence that the ISP isn't just a victim of spam but is an active
and willing participant.  in any case, it's his list he can set whatever
policy he chooses.  more to the point, nobody is forced to use it...it's
entirely voluntary.

> I live in Poland. I do get a lot of spam both from Asia and the
> "West".  I try to fight spam with all methods I find effective, but
> avoiding false positives as much as I can. Assuming that all Asian
> mail is spam is really unfair.

that is only lim's unsubstantiated paranoid delusion.  osirusoft does
not block all asian mail.  i use the osirusoft RBL.  i receive a lot of
mail from asian mail servers.  my users who correspond with people in
asia are not complaining about false positives from asian servers.


craig sanders <cas@taz.net.au>

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