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future time-date stamp on emails on new sendmail box???


I work for a small isp and we have just got a new mailserver up and 
operational running Debian 3.0 w/ sendmail + qpopper etc. The box is 
handling the loads fine all but for one problem, any mail that passes 
through the server, 1 out of 2 emails gets given a future time on it.

I can send myself an email at 10:00pm and there has been instance ill 
check mail immediately and receive it back with the time 3:20am with the
next days date on it as well.

Debian 3.0
Sendmail 8.12.5
Qpopper 4.0.4

Localilty is set correctly to EST as we're located brisbane, australia.
Hardware / System time are both correct.

Having had a quick poke at tzconfig, its a bit of a concern that when i set 
it to Brisbane, Australia i get the following.

Your default time zone is set to 'Australia/Brisbane'.
Local time is now:      Sat Aug 17 01:58:12 EST 2002.
Universal Time is now:  Fri Aug 16 15:58:12 UTC 2002.

When the local time is infact Fri Aug 16 10:59am

Any ideas im all ears ... 

Thank You

Mario Zuppini
Systems Administrator

Total Cybersolutions
PO BOX 2081 
Windsor QLD 4030, Australia
Phone : +617-3861-0882
Fax : +617-3861-0884
Web : http://www.cybersol.com.au

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