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Re: Patch Kernel 2.4.19 with XFS Filesystem Support?

On Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:51, Christofer Algotsson wrote:
> >     Sorry that I couldn't understand what's wrong with it. I'd tried to
> > download kernel 2.4.19 source from different sites, but ditto. Is there
> > any solution to the trouble I met ? Otherwise, is there any other method
> > or patch file I could evaluate ?
> A rejected patch-slize (.c.rej) can almost always be patched manually by
> editing the source-file and put the new code where it fits in..
> I've had lots of rejects when trying to patch an already patched kernel
> with a new one, say kernel upgrade-patch. I know it's lots of boring work
> but sometimes its needed.. :-)

It is boring work and it should only be done once.  For Debian it should be 
done by the people who package the kernel-patch packages.

If you have two significant patches that conflict then one of them should be 
changed to allow the patch to apply.  For example if you have a function as 

void myfunc()
  int a;
  char b;
  void *c;

Then a patch that does:

   void *c;
+  int d;

Will conflict with one that does:
   void *c;
+  short e;

But changing the last patch to:
+  short e;
   char b;

Will allow the patches to both apply and work correctly.  I've made such 
changes to kernel patches before.

If the changes are more significant than that (IE there's no way of changing 
one patch to make it work on a pristine kernel and one with the other patch) 
then there's probably a need for a kernel-patch-xfs-over-whatever patch 
package to apply after the whatever patch but before the xfs patch.  That's a 
hacky thing to do but it'll work fine.

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