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Re: ClamAV and Amavis-Postfix

Germán Gutierrez wrote:
>  Gene Grimm escribio:
> > Has anyone tried configuring the Amavis-Postfix package in Woody to use
> > ClamAV as the scanner engine? Would I be better off installing the
> > Amavis tarball rather than the Amavis-Postfix pacakge? To my knowledge
> > thus far, ClamAV is the only free virus scanner for commercial use other
> > than the Java-dependant OpenAntiVirus package.
> I've been playing with that for a few days, some hints:
> The clamav package is not in woody, you have to install both .debs (clamav &
> amavis-postfix) from the unstable tree, it works, just read some docs and
> play a little with the /etc/amavisd.conf file.
> Anyway the oav database seems to be pretty outdated, at least the last time
> I saw it...

I've got Amavis-Postfix installed from Woody (Stable), and a tarball of
ClamAV. There is an autoupdate tool in the ClamAV package to update the
virus definitions that "seems" to work alright, but I will try the
versions from Unstable if they work. Thanx.

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