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RE: Woody routing question...

Hi All,

Thanks in advance for all the responses I received to my question.
Apologies for not replying to those who responded - I was in the process
of drafting up some nice ASCII diagrams of the network(s) involved when
"J.J. van Gorkum" responded with the following jewel of info:

> look at http://www.samag.com/documents/s=1824/sam0201h/0201h.htm

This basically allowed me to get everything up and running more-or-less
as I wanted by doing the following...

# apt-get install iproute
# ip rule add from xxx.yy.234.131 lookup 1
# ip route add 0/0 via xxx.yy.234.129 table 1
# ip rule add from aaa.bbb.80.144 lookup 2
# ip route add 0/0 via aaa.bbb.80.130 table 2


Again, thank-you to everyone who pondered over this one for me...


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