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Re: pdnsd/diald problem

On Wed, 7 Aug 2002 if.frijns@wanadoo.nl wrote:

> The problem is that, when I put forward a internet-request from one
> of the other servers on the LAN, the dial-up server makes the connection,
> but the other server won't see it.
> if you drop the request and ask it again (while the connection is still there)
> the request is resolved.
> But why it doen't work the first time.

> Anybody an idea?

Maybe this will help.

>From the LARTC:


You need to set this if you use dial-on-demand with a dynamic
interface address. Once your demand interface comes up, any local
TCP sockets which haven't seen replies will be rebound to have the
right address. This solves the problem that the connection that
brings up your interface itself does not work, but the second try


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