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So ... Re: Maildirs in Debian


It was a very interesting discussion about Mail Storage efficiency and
finally made me look into ext3 and reiser - very cool.

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 05:15:55PM -0400, Loren Jordan wrote:
> problems.  This pine package also supports maildirs. The stock build of 
> Pine does NOT, last time I built it from scratch.
> http://www.braincells.com/debian/sid/pine/

So I would like to come back to the primary issue:

I would like to get a couple of people from here supporting a Debian
Policy Proposal, where a standard way of expressing the installers
preference about mbox or Maildir inbox delivery (system mailbox) gets

If there is no better proposal it could be simply a file:


which could just contain one of the verbs:


Any packages treating with system mailbox handling, should use the
first word in the first line of this file, to determine how to
configure themselves.

Now:  I suppose the proposal should be acompanied by a transition
guide, where all configuration issues with the most standard/frequent
packages are treated.

If anybody is willing to help get this going, please mail me off-list.

Thanks in Advance,



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