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Re: Maildirs in Debian

At 10:30 AM 7/31/2002 +0300, Jarno Elonen wrote:
> People still use pine? Where do you get deb's for that, or at least
> installer deb's. Last time I looked they apeared gone for good. I have one
> user who want's his pine fix bad, and I've been fobbing him of with "it's
> no-longer available, use mutt".

These .deb's work just fine on woody, I use them and have had no problems. This pine package also supports maildirs. The stock build of Pine does NOT, last time I built it from scratch.

The Pine license prohibits distribution in binary format, but you can still

apt-get source pine
cd pine-*
dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -us -uc
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i <the packages your want>

- Jarno

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