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Re: pppd+radius ?

On Fri, 21 Jun 2002 00:31, Emile van Bergen wrote:
> > > I've already started work on CHAP using libradius1, which is also what
> > > the PPP CVS code uses.
> > >
> > > I am going to eat the code that's in the PPP CVS.  When I have every
> > > feature of that code and more I may put Portslave in the PPP CVS.  I
> > > think we only need one PPP/RADIUS solution, I've spent the last two
> > > years hunting down other options and incorporating all their
> > > features...
> >
> > But why not take the approach of taking all the current RADIUS
> > stuff out of portslave and going with PPP CVS then? Or are you
> > worried the PPP people aren't going to maintain their RADIUS plugin
> > properly? I mean, if you both use libradius1...
> >
> > Portslave could then become a pure 'multiport-getty', i.e. everything a
> > NAS does before running PPP, or another service/line discipline, as an
> > external program. Why not?
> Forget that stupid idea. RADIUS authentication and accounting are also
> applicable for session types other than PPP, of course. Sorry.

Sessions other than PPP is one issue (Portslave currently supports rlogin, 
telnet, ssh, and SLIP).  Another issue is that to provide a login: prompt you 
need more than just a module for pppd.

Finally when merging two programs the thing to do is to take the code from 
the small program and put it in the large program.  Portslave has more 
features than any comparable program.

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