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Re: webmail

Hi Russell,

I've tested all webmailers, I've heard of. 90% are total crap.
As others already said, there are only a few useable webmailer. I would recommmend squirrelmail, because it has some (at least for me) important features, the others haven't: - search all subfolders for new mails (very important if you use a big IMAP tree and sort the mails on delivery via procmail, etc.)
- It has a useable search engine


Russell Coker wrote:
What's a good webmail system to use?

There are several in Debian, I've had experience with IMP, but that experience has been mostly painful. Upgrading it is always difficult, and the packages insist on Postgresql even though it's not needed at all unless you have a cluster.

How do the other webmail systems compare?

Calendaring support which integrates with Outlook would be a bonus, but apart from that I just need basic functionality.

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