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DNS with LDAP ?


Currently I'm in the process of planing the migration
of the config and user information to a central LDAP
database for as many services as possible.

Has anyone succeeded in keeping all DNS data (currently I'm
using bind with the usual zone files) in an LDAP database?
If possible, I'd like avoid an LDAP-to-DNS-config export,
a live query wrapper would be preferred. I don't mind changing
from bind to anything else (if secure).

ldapdns (which is said to run without djbdns by now) looks
somehow like what I'm heading for, but apart from that it
wouldn't compile complaining about missing ldap libs, some
questions remain. Like, how to I configure and/or initiate
2ndary NS notifies, restrict zone transfers, is it secure
and stable etc. Anyone experience here?

To lower the load on the LDAP server, would a caching ns
be advisable?

Any hints appreciated!


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