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apt-proxy connection failed

Hey people,

Got apt-proxy going, and out of my 6 servers, 4 of them are working with
it perfectly
but the remaining 2 are receiving the following errors when i "apt-get

Err http://sitename.com.au unstable/main Packages
  Connection failed
Err http://sitename.com.au unstable/main Release  
  Connection failed

Now i have the exact same sources.list file on each servers, but for
some reason these
2 servers are reporting that, and im getting no errors in the
apt-proxy.log either with
debugging turn on also.

Any help appreciated, 

Mario Zuppini
Systems Administrator
Total Cybersolutions
PO BOX 2081
Windsor QLD 4030
Phone : +617-3861-0882
Fax: +617-3861-0884

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