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Re: Antivirus setup?

> >
> There is a free version of Trend Micro's virus scanner at:
> ftp://ftp.antivirus.com/products/freetools/
> You can download the latest pattern file and scan engine library for it
> their web site. I was able to use it to build trophie & virge found
> http://www.vanja.com/tools/
> Virge integrates with procmail to scan messages during mail delivery,
> I haven't actually deployed this yet. (Just started playing with it
> yesterday) Trophie on its own will detect klez, hybris, etc even in mime
> encoded files.

Must be careful... "free" for "personal use"? That would not include a
school, or even a non-profit organization. So it might work if you use it
at home on your personal computer, but it would be risky and, well,
illegal, to use it anywhere else.

Too bad.. :-/

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