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Need an ISP in Europe

This is only marginally on-topic, but I am getting desperate.

I am in Singapore.  I, and some collegues, will be travelling in Europe (NL,
DE, AT, BE, maybe others) on and off this year.  I need an ISP who allows me
to roam accross countries, just basic access, no mailbox or anything.
Should accept payment by credit card (I do not have a postal address in
Europe).  All the NL ones I know want a GIRO.

UUNET/Worldcom is not returning my calls (Hey, they are busy!), and ATT
keeps telling me "This Promotion is not available in your Country", before I
could tell them where I was.  Looking up IP blocks, I suppose.

Any ISP on the list who needs a customer?  Any references from users?


Sanjeev Gupta

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