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Re: kernel quota control with LDAP

On Tue, Jun 04, 2002 at 07:29:49PM -0400, Thedore Knab wrote:
> I want to use kernel level quotas with LDAP to simplify adminstration
> of my mailserver.
> Can this be done ?

No. LDAP would be way too slow for quota queries.. even if someone would
come up with a caching daemon, it would still slow down file operations
quite a bit.

> My account looks like this in LDAP:
> dn: uid=tknab2,ou=mailaccounts,dc=mycoll,dc=edu
> ...
> mailMessageStore: /var/imap/mycoll/tknab2/Maildir
> mailQuota: 200000000S, 20000C
> mailbox: tknab2/Maildir/

well, i've been thinking about putting my quotas to LDAP too, i've just
been too lazy to write up a small daemon that would grab all the quota
entries from the ldap and apply them to the local filesystem.. ofcourse
with a few thousand entries it will be a slow process and using
modifiedtime (or whatever the name of the attribute was) to determine
which entries have been modified since the last update.

this way it would be quite simple to keep the quotas in the LDAP
database and still utilize the fast local quota store..

Think about it..


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