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kernel quota control with LDAP

I want to use kernel level quotas with LDAP to simplify adminstration of my mailserver.

Can this be done ?

Currently, I am keeping track of uids in both an /etc/passwd on the
filesystem and an LDAP database.

What would allow me to simplify this ?

I have 2021 users on a new mail system with Courier IMAP server, with Postfix, Squirrel Mail, and LDAP.

My account looks like this in LDAP:

dn: uid=tknab2,ou=mailaccounts,dc=mycoll,dc=edu
uid: tknab2
cn: Theodore Knab
mail: Theodore.Knab@mycoll.edu
mail: theodore.knab@mycoll.edu
mail: Ted.Knab@mycoll.edu
mail: ted.knab@mycoll.edu
mail: tknab2@mycoll.edu
mail: tknab@mycoll.edu
mail: theo@mycoll.edu
mail: tknab2@imap.mycoll.edu
mail: Theodore.Knab@imap.mycoll.edu
uidNumber: 1100
gidNumber: 1001
mailHost: imap.mycoll.edu
homeDirectory: /var/imap/mycoll/tknab2
mailMessageStore: /var/imap/mycoll/tknab2/Maildir
mailQuota: 200000000S, 20000C
mailbox: tknab2/Maildir/
objectClass: qmailuser
objectClass: couriermailaccount
userPassword: {cyrpt} notreal
accountStatus: active
mailForwardingAddress: tknab2@imap.mycoll.edu

On the IMAP server my account looks like this:

imap:/var/imap# cat /etc/passwd | grep -i knab

imap:/var/imap# repquota -a  | grep -i tknab
tknab2    --   60692   80000   90000          11699     0     0

I think that the schema I choose allows for:

loginshell: /bin/false

Ted Knab

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