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Re: what backup software do you use?

On Wed, May 29, 2002 at 03:36:26PM -0500, Bernie Berg wrote:

> > Other software has issues, like you may need 1 week to 
> > recover the loss of
> > the data. 
> > 
> what about open files (is this an issue?).  also is there a standard way to restore (or do you just use a rescue disk and untar?)

open files is no more issue with tar than with other softs.

The use of a rescue disk with tar is what I think the strongest point of it.
(also cpio is another good tool to use)
With a single o 2 floppies you can restore a full crash inmediatly.
If you do incremental backups, the time to restore that, is much more than
full backups.

Full backups every week, left you to loose one week of work at most.
Doing incremental backups left you with a much more work to restore. Recover
from the first tape, switch to next, update, next, update.... and also if
you have only backups of the data, you must first install and configure
again everything.

I use 4 monthly backups + 3 weekly backups.
No incremental backups.

Also this is not a bank, where the information cost much more that a
raid/fault tolerant system... The data has a price, evaluate how much cost
to you.


Carlos Barros.

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