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woody php4-imap broken?

Heyas u tough hackers you....

Okay, im deploying a phpgroupware to about 400 users on top of an old
box and debian woody.

Phpgw is a very heavy app and the machine is quite small (dual PII-400
Xeon, 1.5 GB) but i guess it will do for now.....

Of course i didnt go out on a limb and put all 400 ppl into this
bitchass oldboxen, i started out with 70 mouse pushers, just to see how
it goes....

Interestingly enough, it all goes rather well....id even say this goes
very fast considering the box and afaik, the 400 users should be no
problem....EXCEPT, ive found that under heavy load, an apache process
locks up and takes 100% cpu time and it never comes back until i come
and slap-HUP it.... 

Why is this d**k asking in deb-isp??? Well, i kind of have loooked for
weeks for the bug in phpgroupware but ive decided that, if its locking
an apache from php code, it should be a php bug (php apps have a time

Now, im asking u guys (the ones that got this far) if youre using medium
imp implantations or anything that uses php4-imap stock package and u
got this same kind of problems. 

I mean, If its appearing in woody and its frozen, and there is no
pending bug on the whole apache-php-php-imap thing in bugs.debian.org,
well...dang....that cant be good.


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