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Re: how to design mysql clusters with 30,000 clients?

At 16:02 22/05/2002 +0800, Patrick Hsieh wrote:
Hello list,

I am expecting to have 30,000 http clients visting my website at the
same time. To meet the HA requirement, we use dual firewall, dual
Layer-4 switch and multiple web servers in the backend. My problem is,
if we use the user-tracking system with apache, php and mysql, it will
surely brings a huge amount of database traffic. How can I balance mysql
load among multiple mysql server yet assure the data consistency among
them? My idea is:

1. use 3 or more mysql servers for write/update and more than 5 mysql
servers for read-only. Native mysql replication is applied among them.
In the mysql write servers, use 1 way replication like A->B->C->A to
keep the data consistency. But I am afraid the loss of data, since we
can't take the risk on it, especially when we are relying our billing
system on it.

This will not work. MySQL replication does not work like that. With MySQL replication you have one master and all others replicate from it. It is also the only server that can write to the DB. Your options for following this route would be to either use the experimantal 2 way replication support in the beta of MySQL4. Or use a different DB


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