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Re: multiple mysql daemons in process

On Tue, 2002-04-23 at 06:46, Ulf Rompe wrote:
> Patrick Hsieh <pahud@pahud.net> writes:
> > I have 38 mysqld processes running in one single machine, is it normal?
> It depends. 

on the number of persistent connections, mostly.  Otherwise, the child
process retires.

mysqladmin processlist 
will tell you what is going on.

> > CPU states:   3.2% user,   4.3% system,   0.0% nice,  92.5% idle
> > Mem:    900464K total,   840808K used,    59656K free,   277532K buffers
> > Swap:   498004K total,   327808K used,   170196K free,   221132K cached

I'd be concerned with the amount of swap in use.  Something was looking
for a lot of RAM at some time.  I'd look for things like a bunch of
Apache threads with open connections to a large table and hanging on for
longer than I would like.  Then adjust the appropriate parameters,
probably some in the MySQL config and some in Apache.

If not Apache, the mysqladmin command above will tell you what is using
all those processes.


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