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Re: multiple mysql daemons in process

Patrick Hsieh <pahud@pahud.net> writes:

> I have 38 mysqld processes running in one single machine, is it normal?

It depends. If there are frequent queries from more than one process
this is normal and good - if the daemon weren't able to fork it
couldn't handle more than one connect at a time.

In your case it looks perfectly normal:

>  11:48:43 up 49 days, 15:11, 34 users,  load average: 0.02, 0.06, 0.00
> 275 processes: 265 sleeping, 1 running, 9 zombie, 0 stopped
> CPU states:   3.2% user,   4.3% system,   0.0% nice,  92.5% idle
> Mem:    900464K total,   840808K used,    59656K free,   277532K buffers
> Swap:   498004K total,   327808K used,   170196K free,   221132K cached
> 31277 mysql      9   0  300M  30M  3004 S     0.0  3.5   0:04 mysqld
> 31279 mysql      9   0  300M  30M  3004 S     0.0  3.5   0:07 mysqld

I'm not shure if Mysql spawns child processes or threads, but since
this doesn't make a great difference for the user you can tell that
not each process shown in the list takes up 300 MB for it's own. The
300 MB are the memory that is shared by all instances. You can adjust
the maximum amount of memory that Mysql may take, but in most cases
you shouldn't since Mysql does some usefull things like data caching
with it.

And if you are worried about the relatively small amount of free
physical memory: In any case the system has better uses for the memory
than the user. In your case there are about 271 MB buffer memory that
will be freed if the rest of the system needs more memory.

[x] ulf

Der Mensch ist immer noch der beste Computer. (John F. Kennedy)

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