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Re: network cabling management


On Wed, Apr 17, 2002 at 04:42:19PM +0200, Tommy van Leeuwen wrote:
> Hi,
> What kind of tools are you using for network cabling and patches
> management? We've tried txtfiles, acessdatabases and such but we're

IRM is quite of alpha, but it should be simple to expand it.

It uses a mysql database (or postgresql), and you enter a inventary of
Computer and Network (hubs, routers) equipment via a php driven

You register each "port" of each equpment. It is easy to enter the
number of ports of a hub and to labelk the ports. Then you
inter-"connect" the "ports" to another equipment of your choice.

It also has a kind of help-desk/work-order managment.

It's easy to install, test and ;-> de-install

Best Regards


P.D:  cite
More information can be found at the IRM Website: www.redshift.com/~yramin/atp/irm or at the mirror site: irm.schoenefeld.org.

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