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Re: Spam filtering on the lists

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On Friday 05 April 2002 6:48 am, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Fri, 5 Apr 2002 15:09, Bart-Jan Vrielink wrote:
> > > According to these headers contained in the message received from the
> > > list, SpamAssassin has correctly tagged it as Spam. So why was it
> > > forwarded anyway?
> >
> > Because it might not be spam, but only a false hit ??
> > Because blocking mail by the list could be considered some kind of
> > sensorship ??
> Isn't sensorship the point of a spam sensor?  hehe
> What's wrong with bouncing the message and asking the user to fix it before
> sending it again?

I like the way it is, because it clearly marks what is (probably) spam, and 
all I have to do is put 1 rule in my mailer that moves everything with a 
subject containing "**SPAM**" to the trash.  However, it relieves the burden 
on the mailist admins to "clear out the inbox", and lets through messages 
that are legit but would otherwise get bounced (like the XXX example).

Basically, this is the coolest approach I've seen a list take so far.  Mad 
props to whoever came up with the idea!

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