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Netscape Roaming Access

Hi all!

Last time I have wrote:
I've installed slapd 2.0.23-2 on linux debian with apt-get install. After that I edited the configuration files and  a netscape-profile.schema.
Then I edited entrys into the database with ou=People and ou=roaming. It works well.
Subsequent I enable the Roaming  Access for Netscape and set the server information.
I selectet the items Bookmarks, Cookies, Mail Filters, Adress Book, user Preferences and History to transferred to the database.
After I restarted Netscape Comunicator I login with my LDAP - Password but when I shutdown the comunicator, the database dosen't
save my Bookmarks, Cookies, etc.

Now I have unfixed my problem. I only install the slapd_2.0.14-1.1_i386.deb packet. Now it woks well and the database save my Bookmarks, Cookies, etc.
But can me anyone say where the difference is between this two ( slapd_2.0.23-2 and slapd_2.0.14-1.1) versions?

Thanks in advance,


Tamara Wowczuk

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