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Problem with apc and apachectl


I have installed apc (php4-apc 1.1.0pl1-5), and it seems to work very well. The scripts get loaded 200% times faster (very impressive).

The only problem I have is when i try to use 'apachectl configtest' i get the following error:

apc_sem_create: semget(0,...) failed: No space left on device

The disk empty as df -k says:
df -k
Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/hda5               482217     82434    374884  19% /
/dev/hda2               124427       783    117220   1% /boot
/dev/hda6             12294200    784904  10884772   7% /usr
/dev/hda7             12294200    117224  11552452   2% /var
/dev/hda8             12286552   1440144  10222288  13% /home

So i really don´t know what is the problem.
In php.ini i have the following configuration:

Any idea?
Thanx in advance.


Other useful (maybe) data:
php4-apc          1.1.0pl1-5
php4              4.1.1-1
apache            1.3.22-5

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