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Re: Is mysql 3.2x stable enough for HA requirement?

Hello Ra? Alexis Betancort Santana <rabs@dimension-virtual.com>,

What software did you use to make the load-balancing?

Does PostgreSQL support async replication only just like MySQL does? How
about Sync replication?

On Thu, 4 Apr 2002 02:35:17 +0100
Ra? Alexis Betancort Santana <rabs@dimension-virtual.com> wrote:

> config:
>  Node A:					Node B:				Node C:			Node D:
>  psql						psql					psql				psql
>  Daemon setup:			Daemon Setup:		Daemon Setup:	Daemon Setup:
> 	Rep. to B				Rep. to A			Rep. to A			Rep. to A
> 	Rep. to C				Rep. to C			Rep. to B			Rep. to B
> 	Rep. to D				Rep. to D			Rep. to D			Rep. to C

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