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Re: export account profile from file to ldap

On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 09:46:49AM -0600, Georg Lehner wrote:

> as I found they harmed
> use of ldap in nsswitch and samba-ldap autentication (but I may be
> wrong). 

 How come?

 I've used them to migrate  passwd/shadow into LDAP with no problems 
 at all.

 In my box, ldap authenticates imap, pop, ssh, login, sendmail, samba,
 ftp, X11 (wdm), sudo and passwd. That is, every pam-service we provide 
 to 10,000+ accounts. With no problems whatsoever.

 The only trick is a properly tuned nscd running along, with a big enough
 cache and enough nscd threads, as well as a cron job that picks it 
 up if it flakes out (about twice a month under heavy load).



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