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Simple mp3 streaming

Sorry if this is a bit off-topic.

I need to find out the simplest configuration for Apache to stream an mp3 file to an end user.

I am using a remote mp3 player setup (mp3sb) that provides a web interface mpg123 on a Linux box that feeds my stereo. Now, I want to use that same interface to stream mp3s to other devices on my home network. The mp3sb server has the ability to direct the mp3 output to a file via something like this:

     system("ln -s \"$row[0]\" /var/www/stream.mp3");

Now, I need to configure apache to serve that stream. My google searches all seem to turn up much more complete solutions like icecast, which is more than I need since all the control is being done by my current web interface.

Can someone point me to the basic apache configuration required to stream a single file?



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