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LDAP authentication and ncpfs home directories.

Hi All,

We have a Novell server that provides authentication for windows clients via 
nds. However it also runs an ldap server. Currently I am using NIS and NFS 
for authentication and home directories respectively on the Linux/Unix 
machines. I would like to configure the Linux based machines to use ldap on 
the Netware server for authentication. Using ldap for authentication is not 
uncommon and I will not have problems setting that up. However I also wish to 
have the user's home directories shared from the Netware server. It is not a 
problem mounting the shares manually with ncpmount after login.

What I wish to know is, how can I have ncpfs home directories that are 
automatically mounted on the user's home directory after ldap authentication 
succeeds? What mechanisms are avialable to achieve this? 

Any hints and stratagies on how this can be accomplished will be much 

Regards, Fred.

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