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Re: postfix problem

also sprach Russell Coker <rjc@tsv.sws.net.au> [2002.03.24.2237 +0100]:
> Mar 24 22:28:40 lyta postfix/smtpd[21250]: connect from lyta[]
> Mar 24 22:29:03 lyta postfix/smtpd[21244]: C3E6D23763: client=lyta[]
> Mar 24 22:29:03 lyta postfix/smtpd[21244]: reject: RCPT ....
> Mar 24 22:29:03 lyta postfix/smtpd[21250]: C968223766: client=lyta[]
> Mar 24 22:29:08 lyta postfix/smtpd[21250]: disconnect from lyta[]
> Mar 24 22:29:08 lyta postfix/master[21216]: warning: process
> /usr/lib/postfix/cleanup pid 21253 killed by signal 6
boost the level of verbosity (debug_peer_level) for a known SMTP
partner (debug_peer_list), reproduce the problem. in such a message as
the above, identify the pid that got killed and give us the full debug
output associated with this pid.

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