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Re: Apache serving files weirdly?


> > Try and load up:
> > http://www.zentek-international.com/index-test.shtml
> >
> > In IE5.5-6 and NS6.x, it works.
> >
> > Anything under that (eg. NS4.x) and the page doesn't look right. I've
> > narrowed it down to the:
> > <link rel="stylesheet" title="Default"
> > href="http://www.zentek-international.com/common/zentek.css";>
> Looking at this server, you have mod_gzip enabled and are serving out
> compressed .css files. Some browsers, such as Netscape 4.x, claim to be
> able to handle this but can't. The same goes for .js files.
> Is this at all accurate? If so, I suggest you disable compression for
> text/css and application/x-javascript. If not, try installing tcpflow
> and getting traces of the outgoing and incoming parts of the request.

You're right... mod_gzip is enabled.

I thought that NS.4x handled this well... i mean, they handled regular
html files served by the apache mod_gzip.

I will try your recommendation and disable the compression of .css files,
and .js, and see if that improves anything (i will post back here).


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