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Apache serving files weirdly?

Hi all,

Strange thing. One of our Apache servers isn't feeding out files properly.
Or so it would seem.

Try and load up:

In IE5.5-6 and NS6.x, it works.

Anything under that (eg. NS4.x) and the page doesn't look right. I've
narrowed it down to the:
<link rel="stylesheet" title="Default"

I've tried uploading the zentek.css to a different server, and load it
from there (eg. replace with http://www.jasonlim.com/zentek.css) and it
works fine in NS4.x.

Now the thing is... why won't .css files work properly from

The apache httpd.conf looks virtually identical, which makes it all the
stranger. I also updated the 'mime-support' package (i thought maybe .css
wasn't listed in one of the mime files, but they were... i updated anyway
just in case. Didn't help.).

Anyone got any ideas on where I should look? I've diffed the config files
and they are oh-so similar this is driving me mad.



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