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Re: boot problem - UNSUBSCRIBE


It looks like you are also subscribed to the debian-isp list, may I suggest
that you unsubscribe from that list too?

Also, if you DO spam this list, I will treat you as any other spammer (i.e.,
reporting the spam to your upstream provider, blocking your e-mail address
on all the mail servers I manage, hating you forever...).

Andrew Tait
System Administrator
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"It's the smell! If there is such a thing." Agent Smith - The Matrix

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Sent: Saturday, March 23, 2002 7:20 AM
Subject: RE: boot problem - UNSUBSCRIBE

> Sorry to all those who are inconvenienced by this but I have tried
> multiple times to get removed from the mailing list.
> I even sent in the confirm "CONFIRM u03180819391769"
> PLEASE REMOVE ME MANUALLY, as your automated system doesn't work.
> I will unfortunately have to resort to "spamming" the Debian-user
> mailing list until I am off the list, as all the e-mails I am STILL
> receiving are now spam to me.
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