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Re: cold fusion 4.5 on Debian

Thedore Knab [tjk@annapolislinux.org] writes:
> Are there any other simple packages that I might recommend as a dummy
> proof alternative ?

Other people have answered the ColdFusion/Debian part, so I'll put in my
two bits on this part.

I've done development with CF and I find it somewhat similar to PHP.  The
quick answer I give to most folks is that PHP is like embedding C or Perl
in a web page, where ColdFusion is like embedding COBOL in a web page.
There are some things that CF is very good at: I'd like to lift its CFQUERY
and CFOUTPUT tags and plop them down in PHP--they make doing a database
query and using it to generate an HTML page a piece of cake.  It's regular
expression support, however, is inferior to PHP's, which has a bunch of
functions that essentially implement Perl's regexp engine.

I'd say ColdFusion is a bit easier for beginners, since it keeps the HTML
tag-based paradigm, but personally I'd choose PHP.


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