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Re: cold fusion 4.5 on Debian

Thedore Knab <tjk@annapolislinux.org> writes:

> Is anyone running Cold Fusion 4.5 on Debian ?
> People in my organization are looking at Cold Fusion for it's advertised simplicity.
> I prefer sticking with Debian.
> Are there any other simple packages that I might recommend as a dummy
> proof alternative ?
> -Ted

We are running ColdFusion 5 on Debian (sid) with only one little Problem:
The Postges ODBC Driver they deliver doesn't work, but the UnixODBC
Driver does. So you have to manage your odbc.ini with <your favorite
editor here>.

We had the 4.5 (i think it was a personal edition ore something?)
running for evaluation too.



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