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"Theft" of data and providing the impossible

Chris Wagner wrote:
> Yes, that's true, but is irrelevant for his situation.  His web hosts are
> coming to him saying "we want X".  Whatever X is, whether that's streaming
> video people can't copy, etc, he has to provide that or they walk.

Then they'll end up walking to someone who promises what they can't provide.
I know people who want uncopyable presentations and they are unpleasantly
surprised when I point out the ways in which someone can copy their streamed
presentation without permission.  In the end they see what's available and
they're glad I pointed out their misconceptions.

Also, I think it's a valid point to distinguish between theft and copyright
infringement--unauthorized duplication is not theft.  They are two
completely different things, regardless of how many people use the term
"theft" incorrectly.

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