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ADSL and debian3.0

I have been attempting to get the Alcatel modem to operate on Debian 3.0 for
a while now. I am using the 2.4.18 kernel as that apparently doesn't need
patching to obtain ppp over atm. I am using the patched tar.gz which
includes the pppoatm.so file which is needed for ppp to operate over an ADSL
link. I have the latest opensource kernel module, and the alcatel mgmt

When I plug the modem in, I have to do modprobe speedtch, and this will then
recognise the modem. Then, I run the management program "speedmgmt &". This
is fine, and the syslog shows that it gets the link estabilshed (all be it
with many time outs in the usb stuff). It says in the effect of "link
established 512kbps download and 288kbps download". Then as soon as I type
pppd, speedmgmt crashes with an "illegal operation 0000" which is recorded
in dmesg. speedmgmt will then refuse to load again, complaining that the
usbfs isn't available. I must restart the computer to reload the kernel
again and have another attempt. The rest of the system appears to operate
correctly even after this crash. When I load pppd, it complains that the
device cannot be found (it does load pppoatm.so and it is the kernel: atm
message that says device  missing). Before loading pppd, the Alcatel modem
is visible in /proc/net/atm/Alc...

Could it be the libc version I have? I am using the debian3 version (2.2...)
and the mgmt.o file is compiled with 2.1.92(?)

Or do I have no chance of ever getting it to work?

Dave Smith

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