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Apache dies after graceful restart.


a nagging problem:
We've got two boxes, both potato, one develop one production.
Both with similar setups (also the apache with  php4, jserv, mod_ssl, ...) 

The apapche on the develop box keeps sig faulting. ("child process ...
seg[...] faults")
The one on the production box runs smoothly.

I figured out that the php4 module ist the source of the sig fault, but why
on one box an not on the other one?

Which dependicies has php4_module? 
How can i debug (post mortem) an apache child process?

The php mailinglists had some suggestions, but none helped.
And i dont believe that the php4 module ist the single source of the problem
because the production box works.

Any clues?

Thanks in advance,


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