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ISP Standard.


Is there any standard, for hosting domains?
For example i´m using this sort of configuration: Every domain has his own home dir (/home/dominio/example.com). So every domain have a username (example.com) with the above home dir. In each domain-dir there is also a "data" dir where i put the www dir and for example the ftp dir. I have configured proftd to chroot to data dir so they only see that dir.
Other dirs i have in each domain-dir:
	conf: all configuration directives (apache.conf, zone.conf, etc);
	logs: all logs
	users: this is where the MailDirs for the virtual users are.

I have follow this configuration because of vmailmgr, but i don´t know if this is the rigth thing.

Maybe we can discuss some configuration for domain hosting and propose a standard, so we can build isp-software (billing, provisioning, etc) based on this. What do you think?


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