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Re: best way to keep web servers in sync

On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 11:20:26PM +0800, Patrick Hsieh wrote:
> I have some apache web servers under the server load-balancer.  To
> keep the static html and php files in sync among them, I have to use
> NFS to achieve the purpose.  My problem is, since NFS is not quite
> stable and is prompt to be a network bottleneck, I have to find other
> methods to keep the files in sync.
> I am considering to use rsync, but I have to write scripts to automate
> the rsync behavior. 

Have a look at sitecopy.


Description :
sitecopy is for copying locally stored websites to remote web servers.
The program will upload files to the server which have changed
locally, and delete files from the server which have been removed
locally, to keep the remote site synchronized with the local site,
with a single command.  The aim is to remove the hassle of uploading
and deleting individual files using an FTP client.
FTP, WebDAV and HTTP-based authoring servers are supported.

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