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Re: LSM or GRSecurity

Thanks for the info on this.

I'll try out GRSec 1.9.2. Are there any Debian packages, besides the
actual patch itself, that i need to download (or perhaps would be
benefitial in supplementing GRSec, even if not required)?


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> On Wed, 27 Feb 2002 15:14, Jason Lim wrote:
> > So you just applied the kernel patches (they work on 2.4.17, right?),
> > that should be it? Blah... I know I should be installing the package
> Yes, it just works!
> I started with Linux when patching your own kernel was expected, and
> something you did regularly.  So I've never had any aversion to patching
> kernels, running beta kernels on servers, etc.  I can understand how you
> might get nervous about it though.
> One thing to note with grsecurity, lsm, and probably many other kernel
> patches is that the feature set that's available depends on the version
> the kernel you use.  The current grsecurity kernel-patch package has two
> versions of the patch, 1.9.2 for kernels >= 2.4.16 and 1.8.9 for kernels
> 2.4.14.  I am not sure which version you'll get if you apply it to
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