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Re: redundant mail servers

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It is too complex.
I do the following: I have a friend who knows (a little) the topology of our 
I write root and users passwords on the paper, put it into the safe, and ask 
my boss to call him, if something goes wrong...


> I want to setup a redundant mail system using exim with maildirs.
> I thought I use two mail servers (one scsi controller each)
> and one scsi raid.
> 1.    Server1 ---SCSI--- RAID5 ---SCSI--- Server2
> or to remove the RAID as a Single Point of Failure: 2 RAIDs and 4 SCSI
> controllers:
>               /---SCSI--- RAID5 1 ---SCSI---\
> 2.    Server1                                 Server2
>               \---SCSI--- RAID5 2 ---SCSI---/
> In both cases mail is delivered to the users homes into maildirs,
> which will reside on the RAID.
> Is it possible (case 1) to mount one ext2 partition on two computers at
> the same time?
> Is it possible (case 2) to run a software raid1 over two partitions (one
> on each raid5) from both computers at the same time?
> Please let me know, if I'm heading in the wrong direction. The setup
> will be for a team with 20 persons, so there won't be too much mail
> traffic. The only problem is, I won't be reachable for 2 months, and
> therefore the system should run without the need of a sysadmin.
> Well, there is another one - I've only 15 days left to set it up.
> I also thought about using just 2 computers one harddrive each.
> The homes on server one are mounted as /home-remote on server 2 via nfs
> and vice versa. Both MTAs should deliver each mail twice (into /home and
> /home-remote and the pop3/imap servers serve the mails from /home).
> If one computer goes down, the other one would have all the mails.
> However I think, this becomes really nasty, when using .forward files.
> Any help would make me very happy.
> tia
> florian

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