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Re: mass email distribution software

I think it depends a lot on who uses it.  We have an ethical use for some
mass email distribution software.

My friend Kathy Miles writes a weekly column and publishes it on the web
at http://StarrySkies.com and we sometimes get requests to send it via
email.  We have tossed around the idea of setting up something to mail the
articles weekly, but I haven't really looked into setting it up mostly
because we aren't making any money with the site.

If anyone has any suggestion as to how we can ethically make money with
the site, please let us know.


On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, jogi hofmueller wrote:

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> hi!
> the following is not technical but more ethical or so.
> recently i was asked to develop some sort of mass email distribution
> software for someone sending monthly newsletters about music events to a
> list of about 3000 addresses. now, before getting too deep into
> reading/searching information i would like to hear some statements about
> this because since i think about this 'project' i am torn between
> thinking of it as 'good idea' and 'spam-tool'.
> i know that everyone hates spam. therefore i think the idea to put a
> mailing-list-like mechanism with automated (un)subscribe procedure behind
> such a thing would be not so bad because it would make it possible to
> really unsubscribe from a list where i don't want to get anymore mails
> from.
> i would be glad to get some feedback here.
> sincerely
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