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Phantom routes in the Linux kernel, not replaced by Zebra

[I'm not sure of my choice of mailing lists, see the discussion at the end.]

We use only Linux routers and, from time to time, we have phantom routes. I 
mean routes that once were legitimate (learned via BGP) but should have been 
suppressed when BGP info changed and were not.
These routes are displayed by Zebra as "kernel" routes (the normal routes are 
displayed as "ospf" or "bgp") and restarting Zebra does not make them 
disappear. I have to manually delete them. Rebooting, a la MS-Windows, solves 

FreeBSD zealots keep bothering me that it is because Linux does not know 
RTF_STATIC ($KERNEL/include/linux/route.h), which prevents to pinpoint phantom 
routes. It seems true but this flag in nevertheless in GNU libc's headers 

So, who is wrong, Linux, Zebra or me?

What can I do to solve the problem?

What can I do to workaround the problem? (Anyone has a Perl script which will 
telnet to the Zebra console and find all "kernel" routes?)

Kernel 2.4.9 and 2.4.17. Zebra 0.92.

PS: Regarding the choice of the mailing lists. The problem seems to be 
Linux-specific but I cannot find a good mailing list to discuss this sort of 
stuff (RTF_STATIC...). Don't tell me to subscribe to linux-kernel, I cannot 
swallow hundreds of messages relarted with the VM or with the device drivers.

Feel free to reply in private (I'll summarize) or to reply only to the list 
you find suitable.

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