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Re: PPOP3 Webmail

On Sun, Jan 20, 2002 at 01:54:58PM -0300, Fernando Casas wrote:
> Right now i?m using OpenWebmail (http://www.openwebmail.org) 1.53 . The
> implementation was toooo easy and smoothly that i can?t believe it. And my
> users are VERY happy. ;)
> We are using it for a few months and didn?t have any problems. It?s FAST and
> very COMPLETE solution, with low requirements.
> So i recommend OpenWebmail, i tried some of the solutions proposed in other
> responses to your msg, but were hard or complicated at implementation time,
> or the requirements were too much for a webmail, from my point of view (like
> SQL, or IMAP).
> I insist. Give OpenWebmail a chance.

I agree! I have squirrelmail (which is still broken in Debian), IMP and
openwebmail. my users like openwebmail the best. I wish there was a Debian
package for it.


> Fernando.
> PD: excuse my bad english.

Your english is better than most of us who use it as our primary language!


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