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IMAP design implementation (Cyrus, Courier or WU) -FB wanted

 windows/mac clients.
 I have decided to replace our current server with an Exim/IMAP combo

 either running Courier, Cryrus or WU-IMAP.
 I am hoping you will help me decide on the IMAP a good one.
 Requirements:  LDAP, KERBEROS, and SSL.
 My boss is familiar with Eudora so she wants me get an IMAP server 
 that works with it. After reading that Eudora does a bad job with IMAP,

 I have recommended the Mulberry client instead.
 Mulberry seems to be a stronger client for IMAP than Eudora.

 Even though the details are not completely decided, I am going ahead

 with the build of the IMAP server. 
 Which of these three IMAP servers will get me where I want to go ?

 1. Cyrus

 2. Courier IMAP

 Time Line:
 I installed Woody on an IBM Netfinity x250 (XEON 700 1MG CACHE 
 with a 36G IBM RAID ). While installing I killed the IBM boot partition
 and let LINUX run the whole show. It seems to work fine.
 Partition Schema 27G RAID 5 Volume
 /boot sda1 30M bootable
 /     sda5 70M
 /usr  sda6 3G
 /var  sda7 3G
 /swap sda8 1G
 /home sda9 1G
 /tmp  sda10 500M
 unused space exits for later
 Partitioned Spare 9G Volume for Weekly dd mirror
 /     sdb1 30M bootable
 /     sdb5 70M
 /     sdb6 3G
 /     sdb7 3G
 /swap sdb8 1G
 /     sdb9 1G
 unused space exists forlater
 Mon Plan
 Install/Compile 2.4.17 Kernel, Setup IPtables, Firewall Machine,
 Configure Tripwire run, make backup, bring on-line.
 Tue Plan
 Read all Documents on IMAP server selected.
 Install the IMAP server selected.
 Begin Configuration
 Wed Plan
 Finish Configuration
 Install Silk Mail  
 Install Mulberry as a client and test.

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