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Re: apache-dns cname-vhost

On Wednesday 16 January 2002 12:58, martin f krafft wrote:
> > also sprach Jesse <jg@floridasunonline.net> [2002.01.16.1737 +0100]:
> yes, absolutely.
> however, you can't place
> vhost.com. IN CNAME ...
> into a zone for our.real.domain.
> maybe it would even work, but you need a separate zone file for each.

It did work believe it or not :)

> whether they actually use A records to point to the IP, or CNAMEs to
> point to our.real.domain. doesn't matter in terms of apache. i'd
> prefer A records (CNAMEs are said to be deprecated), but in terms of
> functionality, they are the same. A records will be more flexible and
> transparent...
> > And then just let apache handle the name based vhosts?  Is it
> > really necessary to have a seperate zone file for each vhost?
> yes. and yes. let me elaborate on the second.
> the named.conf zone statement tells BIND to be authoritative for a
> zone. thus, you will have something lik:
>   zone "our.real.domain" IN {
>     type master;
>     file "..."
>   };
> in named.conf. when BIND now gets a request for our.real.domain, it
> says "yes, i am surely the right one to ask as i am authoritative for
> this domain", and then answers the query with information from the
> zone file.
> if you get a request for www.vhost1.com, then BIND will look for a
> statement
>   zone "vhost1.com" IN {
>     ...
>   }

I didn't realize this was how it worked.  Thanks.

> but since it can't find it, it then either goes out to obtain the
> info from other nameservers (usually not, that's the job of a
> resolver/forwarder, not of a name server. BIND can do it though), or
> it simply says "sorry, wrong place to ask." it will surely not be
> smart enough to remember that you defined vhost1.com. (even with
> terminating dot) in our.real.domain.
> does this make sense?

Yes this makes sense.  One more question though.  What about reverse 
zones.  Do I need one for each?  I'm not sure how that works but it 
seems that getting the correct name back from one IP will be a little 
difficult?  Is it possible to just do a reverse zone for the net?

Thanks for your help,

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