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Re: FreeRADIUS issues

<quote who="Michael Wood">

> >   garry@domain.com   Auth-Type := Crypt-Local, Password == "6IVIw"
> >   garry   Auth-Type := Crypt-Local, Password == "6IVIw"
> I haven't tried FreeRADIUS, so I may be talking nonsense, but
> that password does not look crypted.  It should look something
> like this:  X.SldLTDxGIGU or abB.3AxASd29. etc.  i.e. 13
> characters from the set (a-zA-Z0-9./).

Sorry, should have mentioned it was censored.

> > modcall: entering group authorize modcall[authorize]: module
> > "preprocess" returns ok rlm_fastusers:  checking defaults rlm_fastusers:
> > user not found modcall[authorize]: module "fastusers" returns notfound
> This looks to me like it didn't find the user in the file.  Are you sure
> you have the stuff in the right file? :)  Are you sure you have the syntax
> correct?

I hope so, thus the pastage of the above lines. There's very little in the
way of documentation and examples...


- Jeff

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