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FreeRADIUS issues

Hi all,

Having some troubles with freeradius as packaged in woody. I'm doing a very
quick auth migration for a PM3, taking usernames and crypted passwords from
an old Qube, and putting them ni various files for service authentication.

FreeRADIUS is not cooperating. ;)

Here's an example of what I have in the fast_users file:

  garry@domain.com   Auth-Type := Crypt-Local, Password == "6IVIw"
  garry   Auth-Type := Crypt-Local, Password == "6IVIw"

Many of those. I'm getting this error upon running radtest with: radtest
garry blah localhost localhost pants

Sending Access-Request of id 74 to
        User-Name = "garry"
        Password = "W)\204\310\316yvi\237\023(\013\027\316\336\225"
        NAS-IP-Address = whale
        NAS-Port-Id = "localhost"
rad_recv: Access-Reject packet from host, id=74, length=20

The logs say:

modcall: entering group authorize
  modcall[authorize]: module "preprocess" returns ok
rlm_fastusers:  checking defaults
rlm_fastusers:  user not found
  modcall[authorize]: module "fastusers" returns notfound
modcall: group authorize returns ok
auth: No Auth-Type configuration for the request, rejecting the user
auth: Failed to validate the user.
Login incorrect: [garry] (from nas local port 0)
Sending Access-Reject of id 74 to

Anyone have pointers?

- Jeff

       The implementation of any sufficiently advanced technology is        
                        indistinguishable from pr0n.                        

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